Functional principle

What does Laser Remote Welding mean?



A LR-System is a high dynamic beam moving system. For the Laser-Remote-Technology the beam of a high power laser source (CO2-, fiber- or disc-laser) will be directed to the working piece with the help of an optical scanner mirror. The positioning of the beam results from the adjustment of the working mirror and the focus lens by high speed linear drives. The advantage of this technology is the high moving velocity between the welding seams and pitches respectively and the resulting over all cycle time.

Upon the main focus at the beginning was turned to welding applications, it was able to widen the field of application in the meantime. With laser powers of approx. 1-3 kW the systems could be now used for pitching (perforating, only CO2-laser) plastics, too. Therewith they are especially interesting for suppliers in the field of Automotive Interiors.

For more informations please read our product flyer: LR-Technic_EN