Beam trap

Safety component for LR Fiber

Safety plus velocity

StrahlenfalleWe offer a beam trap for our LR Fiber systems as an option according to EN ISO 11553-1. With the help of the beam trap it is not necessary to abandon the highest possible cycle time because of safety reasons.

A fiber laser which was powered down but which mains supply is still switched on can still send out laser emissions. This requires a switch off of the mains supply after each process end and a switch on for the next process which will extend the cycle time. The beam trap will be integrated in the LR module to avoid this extension of the cycle time. With switched on mains supply the beam trap is used to shield respectively to imbibe the laser radiation during the workpiece change or in case of errors.

Technical specifications 
Dimensions: approx. 200x300x500 mm
Weight:approx. 20 kg
Ambient conditions
+10 at +45 °C
90% at 20 °C; 55% at 40 °C
Cycle time:< 500 ms
max. laser power:6 kW

For more informations please read our product flyer:  Beam trap_EN