Ultrasonic system

Ultrasonic system USR 1.2USR_1.2

  • Different materials and different kind of pollutions requre different and scrupulous cleaning answers.
  • Laser energy with high power, thus light waves, should attain to the object via optical materials/media with as low loss of power as possible.
  • And this not in the clean room but in the production hall under process requirements.
  • With new laser technologies also new materials for the energy transfer are used.
  • Additionally process relevant features have an influenece.
  • Anti-reflex coated quartz glasses can get additional depositions by a mixture of welding smoke and oil dust which can have an influence on the optical characteristics.
  • The USR 1.2 was developed to remove these depositions carefully.
  • Thereby we toole especially care for the different sizes of protection windows for our LR-Kinematics.

Technical description
Dimensions (system): approx. 450x592x320 mm
Dimensions (tank):approx. 380x380x80 mm
Connection values:230V / 50Hz / approx. 500VA
Window holder: 310 x 310
200 x 200
100 x 100
Tank capacity:approx. 11 l
(without cleaning solution)
27 kg
Cleaning duration:soaking: 1,5 min
ultrasonic: 3 min
Heating-up time:approx. 50 min
Cleaning solution: 5 % solution of TIKOPUR R33
mix with water
Cleaning temperature:40 °C
Final cleaning:only with de-ionised water

For more informations please read our product flyer: Ultrasonic system_EN