SR 10

The six axes articulated robot SR 10SR 10

Technical details
Load: 5 kg
Additional load
(on gear box):
5 kg
Weight of robot: 250 kg

Possible applications
With the six axes articulated robot system it is possible to realize standard applications like welding, screwing, gluing as well as special handling applications – e.g. for printing and moulding machines in a quick and economic way.

Through the manifold communication possibilities like the system integrated serial interfaces,
PLC in- / outputs, VME-bus interfaces as well as InterBus Master and Slave, the SR 10 cannot be only intergrated as a standalone system but also in a network with other systems in bigger installations. Another advantage is the easy operation and programming.

The unique kinematics of the SR 10 offer:
With its 6 degrees of freedom a point repeat accuracy of 0,1 mm. Therewith all stanard solutions can be realized cost-efficient without additional sensor technology. The SR 10 is a very agile and fast robot system with which complex applications can be solved in an easy way. The mounting options, floor standing or ceiling hanging offer individual planning options.

Easy to maintain
The gears and ball bearings of the single axes are lifetime lubricated and therewith free of maintenance. Trailing cable installation, electric motors, belts and the footbox can be exchanged quickly in case of damage or maintenance. The controller is built modularly so that all boards can be exchanged seperately. Diagnosis information will help for trouble shooting. This means the production process will be disturbed only for a short time in case of service.

For more informations please read our product flyer: Indutry Robot 5-10_DE+EN