SR 45

The 6-axis articulated robot SR 45SR45

Load : 45 kg
Additional load
(on gear box):
20 kg
Weight of robot: 945 kg

The SR 45 is an industial 6-axis articulated robot, based on cast technology. With the SR 45 it is possible to realize requirements for different applications like welding, screwing, bonding, varnishing, cutting or handling in a quick and economic way.


  • Ground plate: Is the combination of mounting plate with norm boring and foot box with main connection to axis 1.
  • Drives: All drives have an excellent acceleration behaviour because they are equipped with 600 V 3-phase servo motors with a low moment of inertia.
  • Gears / bearings: All six axes have a high reduction by compact gears free from play. The gears have a low own weight and ensure a high angle accuracy. In axis 2-6 the gears form an unit together with the bearings. In axis 1 a separate junction roller is used as bearing. All gears and bearings (except of axis 1) are lifetime lubricated to minimize the maintenance work at the robot.
  • Accuracy: The SEF articulated robots work with a standard repeat accuracy
    of +/-0,1 mm.
    With special sensors it is possible to realize a much higher accuracy.
  • Trailing cable installation: The trailing cable installation includes all controller relevant logic and motor lines and is fixed at athe robot externally. This guarantees short dead times in case of service.
  • Hand mounting plate: The hand mounting plate is designed according
    to ISO 9409.The SC 3 is used as controller. You will find detailed specifications for the controller in a special brochure. The programming and operating of the controller takes place with the programming hand device. Its Linux operating system and the graphics supporting. LC-display take care of an easy handling.

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