TP 4

The Teach Panel 4TP4

The complete operating and programming of the robot control unit is done normally with the programming hand divice. The graphics capability of the LC-Display as well as the Linux operating system guarantees an easy to use operating.

There are three types of operating modes avaiblale:

Hand Verfahren der einzelnen Roboterachsen, Programmieren des Roboters, Einstellen von Parametern
Punktweises Abfahren von programmierten Folgen (vorwärts und rückwärts)
Automatik Automatischer Ablauf von programmierten Folgen

The programming of the robot is done with the teach pendant online in operating mode “Hand” easily. A sequence of points is entered through the keyboard or the joystick. Afterwards the coordinates of these points are stored. It is possible to add addtitional informations to each point of the sequence supported by a menu. These informations are the kinematics (path interpolation, velocity), the process control (PLC functions, kind of sensors, search run, tool) and the call of previous programmed subroutines. After finishing you can run the program (sequence) with reduced velocity in operating mode Single-Step to check it for errors.
Thereby it is possible to correct coordinates, insert or delete points as well as editing additional information.

If the programming is completed the process can be started in operating mode Automatic. The working speed can be preset continouesly. During the process it is possible to show system informations, moving conditions and I/O status on the LC-display in addition to the sequence data. Up to 127 Sequences with can be managed by the system.

The control problem can be simulated offline with the CAE-software Robcad© and downloaded in the controller alternatively to the described online programming.