SC 3

Controller SC 3

Nowadays the characteristics of automated systems are specified more and more by the chosen control unit and the installed software. A special care should be dedicated to the interaction between human and machine.

On the one hand only “realtime” systems should be used because of safety reasons, on the other hand the “PC-world” has set standards concerning the use and easy operation of software.

SEF controllers combine these different requirements in a logical concept and are meeting the demands of the EC machinery directive 2006/42/EC.


Technical specificationsSC 3
Depth (cabinet):400 mm
Depth (overall):550 mm
Width:650 cm
Height (with skids):1270 mm
Height (without skids): 1150 mm
Height (with rollers):1290 mm
Weight:approx. 120 kg
Protection type:IP 54
Number of double servo amplifiers:2
max. number of double servo amplifiers:3
Ambient temperature while in operation:0° to 45°C
max. temperature change allowed:1.1 K/min
max. admissible humidity
(DIN EN 60204-1, 4.4.4):
50% +40 °C
90% +20 °C
Mains connection specificationsSC 3
Mains connection length:5 m
Length of transfer lines (contoller-system):8 m
Niminal connecting voltage
(400 VAC/PE) (DIN IEC 38):
3x 400 VAC
Mains frequency:50 bis 60 Hz
Nominal connecting power:10 kVA
Power factor:cos φ = 0,65
Main fuses:3 x 16 A
Mains connection:CEECON 16

For more informations please read our product flyer: SC3 Controller_EN