RP 6

Reflow Soldering System – Batch oven RP 6

With the compact dimensions of the RP 6, a max. PCB size of 300×200 mm and its low power consumption it is capable of sample manufacturing, manufacturing of small series or also component qualification. The heating chamber is working with a mix of radiation heat by IR heaters and convection heat via radiators.


System data 
Dimensions (dxwxh):750 x 650 x 440 mm
Depth (opened)1000 mm
Weight:approx. 50 kg
Min. PCB size:10 x 10 mm
Max. PCB size:200 x 300 mm
Varnish:RAL 7001/7047
Max. reflow temperature:280 - 300 °C
PCB cooling:2x fans
continuously adjustable
Continuous sound pressure level:< 70dB (A)

For more informations please read our product flyer: Batch oven_RP6_EN