Pick and place system – handling 520.13

Dimenstions: 800 x 425 x 100 mm (L x W x H) Placementare 350 x 800 mm

520-13Our manual pick and place system 520.13 offers an elegant solution for the placement of TH and SMD components. With this system it is possible to mount TH components exactly. Several basic systems can be stringed together. In addition a SMD extension can be mounted quickly and easily to the basic system. So a placement of SMD components is possible.

The linear conducted hand support relieves the operation. The PCB is carried by a width adjustable guidance. With chained systems the PCB can be moved easily over all mounting places and can be shared to several working stations efficiently. For the picking of SMD components we offer the vacuum pump including a pipette. Several tips for the different sizes of the SMD components are included in the delivery. The strength of the vacuum can be adjusted at the pump. The storage of the SMD components takes place ideally in 12 ESD capable boxes (4×3 sizes) on the SMD extension. For the storage of the TH components 4 ESD capable hand boxes are included.

SMD-Extension 520.13.1 520-13-1

With the SMD extension 530.13.1 a quick and easy placement of SMD components on the manual pick and place system is possible. Therewith a parallel processing of TH and SMD components can take place on the manual pick and place system.

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