Paste printing set 530.30 Printer

consisting of: Maxi – Printer 530.03 and Stencil Clamping Frame 530.13

530.03 Maxi-Printer530.30

With the set Maxi-Printer 530.03 and Stencil Clamping Frame 530.13 offers an easy and reliable handling as well as an exact repeat accuracy. The set also satisfies with its first class price-perfomance ratio.

Whether you want to apply solder paste or chip glue, with this printing device you can do it safely and easily.

The Maxi-Printer is equipped with an adjustable supporting table and a hinged frame fixture. The PCBs can be fixed on the supporting table with a compass plate. The supporting table can be adjusted via knurled-head screws according to the pad layout of the sieve or of the stencil. A millimeter scale shows the adjustable stroke in x- and y-direction. After you have adjusted the supporting table you can lock this adjustment. For an easy handling the frame fixture is equipped with a gas operated compression spring. In the frame fixture you can fix the stencil clamping frame as well as normal sieves.

The height adjustment of the frame fixture is resilient supported and adjustable with a few grips. For the use of sieves the height of the jump-off can be adjustet easily at the rear side of the printing device.


With the set 530.30 you have a high grade stencil printing system for highest printing precision. In the stencil clamping frame you can clamp stencils with a max. size of 360×440 mm. The stencil, whether polyester or metal, will be carried via a fixed and a varialbe retainer with pins and will be stretched with spring force. The retainers can be arrested in raster steps.

Due to the combination of raster steps and spring tension the complete working area scan be retained safely and a shifting of the stencil in the clamping frame is impossible. Of course you can obtain the Maxi-Printer 530.03 and the stencil clamping frame 530.13 in a set as well as seperately.

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