LTO 5000

Curing oven LTO 5000

The curing oven is designed for curing of varnish coatings of the series SL 13xx from the manufacturer Lackwerke Peters GmbH + Co. KG on PCBs as well as curing of chip adhesives on PCBs with SMD components.

LTO 5000

Technical description

By default the curing ovens consists of an inlet module, a heating chamber module and an outlet module. The curing of varnish coatings or chip adhesives takes place by middle- up to long wave infrared heaters.


Overall the curing oven contains 5 heatingzones (1x in inlet module, 3x in heating chamber module, 1x in outlet module) with 9 infrared heaters each. The temperatures of the 5 heating zones can be programmed separately, which allows the user the creation of very differentiated curing profiles.
If a higher capacity is needed, the LTO 5000 can be extended with an additional heating chamber module.

Technical specification 
Length:approx. 5115 mm
Width:approx. 997,5 mm
Height:approx. 1290-1360 mm
Weight:625 kg
Working width
Pin chain conveyor system
Pin lenght
min. working width pin chain

457,2 mm(18")
5 mm
50,8 mm (2")
Active chamber length:1800 mm
Infeed height
pin chain conveyor system:

+40 mm/-10 mm
Conveyor speed:10-50 cm/min
Connection value:3x230/400VAC/N/PE 50 Hz
with 32A CEECON connector
Heating-up power:approx. 15 kW
Exhaust air volume:650 m³/h
Air circulation:approx. 3x 600 m³/h, adjustable
Controller:SEF µP-controller
Storage:accumulator buffered RAM
Capacity:16, thereof 13 free programs
USB-interface to PC

For more informations please read our product flyer: LTO 5000_DE+EN