MESY 570.70

USB-Temperature measurement system 570.70MESY-Logo

Save and real time temperature measurement system with 3 thermocouples and USB-interface

The new measurement system 570.70 is based on the long experience with our previous models 570.20 and 570.35, but takes care of nowadays technological standards. It is absolutely necessary to document the melting process to guarantee nowadays requirements concerning the DIN ISO and constant manufacturing quality. Therefore our MESY© 570.70 offers ideal options.

The MESY© will be connected directly with a PC via the USB-interface. This interface is used for the data exchange and also for the voltage supply, so no additional battery is needed.
For the measurement 3 channels are available. The NiCr/Ni thermocouples are included in the delivery. They offer enough length, so that the MESY© can stay outside the soldering system during the measurement.

The measured temperatures are shown in real time on the PC. Now mathematic editing is possible.
Of course it is also possible to print out the soldering profile for documentation.

The MESY© offers also the possibility to store a once measured temperature curve as a reference curve and equip it with a tolerance range. For later control measurements during the series manufacturing this reference curve can be used for comparison. So you can make sure, that you are manufacturing in the middle of the process range with reserves to both sides.

Further analysis values are the time under and over apreconfigured melting temperature, the maximum peak temperature and the maximum rate of growth. For the measurement the measure intervals can be preconfigured in steps from 500 ms up to 30 m. Each measurement is limited to 3000 measurement points.
System requirements: Windows ME/2000/XP with Excel 2000/XP (Measurement systems with software for older operating system on request)570.70

Specific notes
Dimensions: 120 x 70 x 23 mm (lxwxh)
Weight: approx. 170 g
Measurement rage: 0 – 400 °C

571.50   NiCr/Ni-K    0,5 m sensor
571.51   NiCr/Ni-K    1,5 m
571.52   NiCr/Ni-K    2,0 m
571.53   NiCr/Ni-K    3,0 m sensor

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